Yalda, a Night for Forgiveness

| 89 min
Farsi German
| French

"Enter our sweepstakes via text message. Does Maryam Komijani deserve to be forgiven and pardoned? Send 1 for yes, 2 for no" then the TV show goes live - on Yalda the Persian holiday. Maryam, the accused, faces the death penalty. She sits opposite Mona, the daughter of the deceased, in the TV program "Joy of Forgiveness." The two women were once like sisters until Maryam allegedly beat her then-husband to death in a domestic quarrel. Millions of viewers now want to watch how Mona forgives the wrongdoer. "Exciting, visually glamorous chamber play that exposes the injustices and exploitative conditions of Iranian society." (sueddeutsche.de) "An intelligent, highly suspenseful reckoning with the laws of Sharia." (The Hollywood Reporter)