Vera De Verdad

Fantastique & Science-Fiction
| 106 min
| Dutch English French German

10-year old Vera disappears without a trace. Two years later she returns, but instead of being a teenager, she is a woman of about twenty-five years old. She doesn’t remember anything. Doctors believe that she has a strange premature aging syndrome. The family is upset but the DNA test confirms that that woman is really their child. When the images resurface in memory, Vera realizes that she has lived the life of a man, clinically dead, who woke up at the same moment in which she vanished in nothing. With a rarefied atmosphere, VERA DE VERDAD uses sci-fi to explore the unknown in non-alarmed tones. The film delves into the idea that we are all interconnected in a cosmic design that is incomprehensible to us, and that we cannot escape the flow of life and death. This feature debut of Beniamino Catena is a must-see film that will leave viewers with a deeper appreciation of the universal system that connects us all.