Upstream Color

Sci-Fi & Fantaisie
| 96 min
| Dutch English French German

Thief kidnaps a woman (Kris) at a club and makes her swallow the larva. The drug induces a hypnotic, suggestible mental state which the Thief exploits to gain control of Kris' mind and her bank account. Thief eventually releases Kris, who awakens at home to find several large worms visibly crawling under her skin. she has no memory of the Thief. By chance, she meets Jeff, who seems to be going through the same ordeal. Together they set out to find the perpetrator. "Another work of genius. One thing is certain: Shane Carruth's name is becoming synonymous with innovative concepts and ideas." (The London Film Review) "An outstanding hybrid piece that enchants you on all possible levels, invigorating both the brain and the senses." (Cine Vue)