Thick Lashes of Lauri Mäntyvaara

| 88 min
| English German Dutch French

Best friends Satu and Heidi preach that real love is not for sale as they go around sabotaging posh weddings in the Finnish archipelago. The pair are well-versed in resistance. As they blast away from the scene on a pair of dirt bikes, we know these young women mean business. Satu and Heidi are inseparable until the latter falls hook line and sinker for local ice hockey stud Lauri. Suddenly Satu is alone with her revolution while Heidi only sees cute kittens and oiled muscles everywhere. Heidi’s big brother Henri is willing to help, but his tender gaze makes Satu so weak at the knees she is in danger of losing her steely resolve. Love, friendship and the total upheaval of society are put to the final test in a clash of hockey, flamethrowers and a totally surreal sponsor cruise.