| 91 min
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The so-called Islamic State attacked the city of Sinjar – murdering the men, kidnapping the women. Thousands are still held captive as SABAYA (sex slaves). When the so-called Islamic State attacked the Iraqi city of Sinjar in 2014, thousands of Yazidi girls and women were captured and forced to become SABAYA (sex slaves). Around 7,000 women are still being held in al-Hol, an IS detention center in Syria. Risking their lives, brave members of the local NGO Yazidi Home Center are penetrating the camp's endless rows of tents to free the women and help them return to their lives and families. Kurdish-Swedish filmmaker Hogir Hirori accompanies them on their often daring and adrenaline-filled rescue missions. But it is the stories of the women who survived the unfathomable horrors and now face an uncertain future that make SABAYA a heartbreaking, unforgettable film.