Nouveaux médias
| 84 min
| German

Along the river Tetscha in the southern Urals, in the middle of nowhere between Europe and Asia, is the most radioactively contaminated area in the world. As a result of several accidents at the Mayak nuclear facility, which has been operating for almost 60 years in isolation from the outside world, the surrounding regions and their inhabitants have been repeatedly contaminated with radiation. The people in the affected areas, live as if in a forgotten world. The film tells the stories of the people who live and survive in it. Originally, student director Sebastian Mez wanted to make a film about the reactor accident in Fukushima, but during his research he came across the almost unknown environmental scandal of Mayak. "METAMORPHOSEN" traces the events surrounding the power plant and their consequences for the local people. Tracing is the right word: Mez is concerned with emotional visibility." (Critic)