| 69 min
| French Dutch

The story of a woman who has lost her son and develops an unorthodox relationship with a homeless youth. Divorced, middle-aged Margaret (Rachel Griffiths), lives a solitary life and seems to like it that way. She owns a second-hand store in a nondescript corner of the city and rarely socializes. Her careful routine is unexpectedly disrupted by the reappearance of her ex-husband Matt (Michael McElhatton), who’s come to tell her that their 18-year-old son Patrick has gone missing. Margaret takes the news without much apparent emotion, since she hasn't seen Patrick since leaving the boy with Matt years before. At about the same time, she befriends Joe (Barry Keoghan), a homeless young man about the same age as her missing son, whom she assists after finding him injured and unconscious in the alley behind her shop one night. When she encounters him again at the pool, she offers to let Joe stay rent-free in her extra bedroom. Soon Matt is back again, this time with devastating news: Patrick’s body has been found after he fell into a canal and drowned. To avoid any "trouble," Matt forbids Margaret from attending the funeral and instead she throws her energy into getting Joe settled at her place. As they spend more time together, sharing jokes, beers and smokes, their relationship forces them both to consider what they’re seeking from their makeshift arrangement.