Ghost Night

| 84 min
| Dutch French German

The film follows Tarek, a seventeen-year-old boy of Egyptian and Indonesian origin who is on his way to meet his friends when he is asked to buy some marijuana. When he does, he is spotted by a plainclothes policeman, Agent Proietti, who decides to take Tarek on a wild ride around Rome. The policeman makes him stay with him the whole night, driving around in apparently aimless fashion, stopping first in one place, then in another. If at certain moments he seems kind and understanding, at others he displays a menacing side. Slowly it becomes clear that he is not well. His brain is in overdrive, it’s a runaway train with no brakes... And Tarek is on this train with him. The film is beautifully shot, depicting a dark and dangerous Rome. It is a taut and thrilling buddy movie. Ghost Night is a must-see film that is both an intimate portrait of an unlikely relationship and an electrifying journey through the night streets of Rome.