Despite the Night

Amour & Sexualité
| 156 min
| Dutch English French German

In Philippe Grandrieux's nightmare of a film, Ariane Labed explores desire and lust in extremis - and in doing so crosses the extreme boundaries of sexuality. DESPITE THE NIGHT is about an amour fou, or rather a bizarre love triangle, at the center of which is the former affair of Lenz (Kristian Marr) and Madeleine (Ariane Labed). Because of her, Lenz has returned to Paris and tries to get closer to the passionate woman again. But Madeleine, who now calls herself Hélène, searches for the ultimate borderline experience in radical forms of sexual submission, each of which takes place on the thin line between life and death. "The aesthetic is explicitly psychoanalytic, taking over the night of the soul and the spirit. It is a double-edged monstrosity to which Grandrieux invites us, a breathtaking beauty in every shot. (Criticism)"