Fantastique & Science-Fiction
| 131 min
| Dutch English German Polish Portuguese (Brazil) Spanish (Spain)

When an assistant to a daguerreotypy photographer falls in love with the latter's daughter the relationship mirrors the art form as love and pain combine. In his first film shot outside of his home country, acclaimed Japanese director Kiyoshi Kurosawa takes his penchant for ghost stories to the outskirts of Paris. Down-on-his-luck Jean lands a job as an assistant to reclusive photographer Stéphane, who lives and works in a run-down mansion with his adult daughter, Marie. Suffering from grief for his dead wife, Stéphane has obsessively turned to the art of the daguerreotype—an early form of photography—and sadistically asks his daughter Marie to pose, sometimes for hours, for ghostly life-size impressions that remind him of his wife.