Anduni - Fremde Heimat

| 84 min
| English German

To escape the rigid conventions of her Armenian family, Belinda becomes a student which also serves as a pretext for her as an unmarried woman to move out of her parents home. In the drama ANDUNI - STRANGE HOME a young German-Armenian woman experiences a deep need for anchoring, while asking "what is home?". Belinda only keeps close contact with her mother Margrit, who suffers greatly from being married to her alcoholic partner. Belinda enjoys her independence to the fullest with her German friend Manuel, with whom she would like to move in together. When suddenly her father dies, Belinda becomes more and more drawn into the strange world of her Armenian extended family, with whom she hardly had anything to do with in her life. But the more comfortable she feels now with her extended family, the more they alienated she becomes from her student life and her boyfriend Manuel. Belinda journeys between security and instability, family ties and personal freedom. She must navigate cultures and find her place in life, especially so that she can open herseelf to Manuel.